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“Something About An Eggplant” Three parents, on the eve of the high school prom, discover that their daughters plan to lose their virginity at the same time, during the event. As you may have guessed, hilarity ensues. Blockers is a funny update of the classic teenage coming of age story that stars Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz …

Isle Of Dogs

Megasaki City, in the near-future of Japan, is running rampant with a serious dog virus. As a result of it spreading throughout the entire canine population, a decree is signed by Mayor Kobayashi, and all dogs are exiled to an island called Trash City. One dog in particular was the pet of the Mayor’s ward …

A Quiet Place

Evelyn Abbott is pregnant and about to go into labor as her water breaks, she walks slowly downstairs and halfway down, she realizes that she is not alone in the house. A blind creature with extraordinary hearing is walking around upstairs, searching for food and does not notice anything. Gripped with fear, Evelyn continues down …