Cool Camera Lens Cup

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Looks like a real camera lens
Detachable lens cover lid
Great gift item

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Setting: Russia during the battle of Stalingrad okay so it’s really a gigantic set on a hollywood backlot.

Congratulations! You got the call the other day for your first gig as a background extra! You’re well aware that many well know star Actors and Actresses got their first start playing in the background of a scene in your favorite Feature!

Your call in time to be on the set is a bone chilling 3:45 am and a request to get there 30 mins early. No time to prepare, let alone sleep, you make it there at 3am sharp and while you and your fellow extras wait to be called you notice a Production Assistant drinking a hot steaming beverage from an awesome thermos style drinking mug in the shape of a Camera Lens: Who Knew?

Check out this neat little novelty item that will help you get stay alert during that long film shoot. Just add Coffee or Cappuccino!  That’s a Wrap!



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